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How to reach us
The easiest way to reach us is just sending us a mail at info@tkg.co.in with your issues and we promise to get back to you within a short time. You can call us at +91 33 6450 8148, +91 33 2213 0200 and +91 33 4066 8045 for our Kolkata office and +91 11 4268 3182 for Delhi.

Depending upon the geography which is closer to you, give us a buzz and we will be there to help you out! Sorry can’t give you our whatsapp contacts yet …. you know the spams and the marketing stuff have already started in whatsapp but we promise you that once we know you, whatsapp will be the preferred mode of communication.

In case you need to send us a document or meet us (that isn’t so bad even with the lousy parking scene – we do have a CCD in the same building. Our contact details are as follows :

Head Office:
6, Kiron Sankar Roy Road,
1st Floor Kolkata – 700 001.

Branch Offices:
R/0, 45/A Veer Savarkar Block,
Delhi -110092

Hasta Lavista …….. Hope to see you soon!

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