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Hi! Thanks for visiting our webpage! We are a bunch of professionals trying to solve your problems especially where it concerns money (like accounting, paying taxes or simply planning for it). How cool can that be?

This firm was started in 1956 (Can you believe it? Just 9 years after independence…… I bet your parents weren’t even born then) by Tapan Kumar Ghose, who also happened to be a member of both the Indian as well as the English Institute (The course must have got tougher with time!!!!!) and had a bunch of other degrees which took two lines to write! Too bad u guys can’t meet him as he is no longer with us since 2012 but his legacy continues. Well if you have a firm for this long there is bound to be team members who are senior (I mean super senior or even pre-historic…. U know the kind I am talking about) but trust me when I say these guys really are tech savvy and not the kind who are still trying to figure out what’s so smart about a smart phone!!

The firm has two operational bases one in Kolkata and the other in Delhi. Yeah yeah I know kolkata isn’t exactly what it was about 30 years back but it still is a great place for chilling out and has the widest variety of yummiest food in the whole of India. And come to think of it, it’s not doing so badly economically as well, I mean we still have the registered/head offices of most major corporate houses in kolkata along with the Zonal/Regional offices of others!

Oops and we always thought attending office was serious stuff ...
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